Children of Paradise

Children of Paradise is another valuable resource if you are interested in learning more about raising children in a wealthy environment.

Executive Summary

It is a well known fact that money cannot buy happiness. What is less mentioned, however, is how a life of privilege can bring about unforeseen consequences for parents and children. There are a number of factors that can lead to problems specific to privileged families. It is important to be aware of these factors so that you

can adapt your parenting behavior and avoid the risks. Once this awareness exists, the book outlines a nine-step action plan to follow so as to increase the effectiveness of your parenting.

The 9-Step Process in the Children of Paradise is similar to those outlined in The Financially Intelligent Parent. They are:

  1. Developing your Child’s Self-Esteem
  2. Making Each Moment Count
  3. Raising a Self-Motivated Child
  4. Developing the Competent Child
  5. Learning How to Listen to your Children
  6. Learning How to Talk to your Children
  7. Brat-Proofing your Child
  8. Teaching your Child the Value of a Dollar
  9. Practicing Effective Discipline