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Who We Are

We are one of Canada’s most trusted life insurance advisory firms. We work with the country’s preeminent business families, accomplished entrepreneurs, and their respective advisors.

When planning for long-term wealth preservation and stewardship, our clients encounter challenging circumstances, including minimizing and funding their estate taxes.

Our team collaborates with their family office leaders, accountants, and lawyers to create and manage solutions to address these challenges using the unique features of life insurance.

What We Do

For over 30 years, we have been designing, implementing, and servicing portfolios of life insurance for our clients.

While each family is different, they face a common set of problems. The long-term relationships we have with our diverse group of sophisticated clients and advisors provide us with a unique perspective on the complex issues that surround succession and family governance matters.

We seek to complement and optimize our client’s overall estate plan, recognizing where life insurance offers solutions to address specific problems, and where it does not.

Our decades of experience underwriting large complex policies has earned us trusted relationships with Canada’s top life insurance carriers, enabling us to deliver the most advantageous solutions and service.

Our Philosophy & Commitments

We are specialists in life insurance. Our sole focus is life insurance and its role in the comprehensive estate planning needs of our unique clientele.

We believe in solutions that are progressive but not aggressive. While our knowledge and experience foster creativity, our recommended strategies will always be clear and sound, seeking to avoid unintended tax consequences.

Our team is committed to a lifelong holistic service approach. Life insurance planning requires regular monitoring. We provide a level of advanced reporting expected by our sophisticated clients.

At Tompkins, we will:

Work collaboratively with all contributing advisors

Simplify the complex with easy-to-follow deliverables designed to address the core issue at hand

Maintain advice and service for next-generation family members

Protect your privacy and act as a confidant on all related issues